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Katie, I love your mehndi! How patient you were in doing all that drawing. Isn't it amazing how one prompt can be interpreted so differently? Ah the joys of being creative. alf


Corinne, what's that saying about great minds thinking alike? As always, I love your rich colors. What are you putting inside your book? I've got a bunch of stuff laid out and only one page glued. I'll post as I finish a spread. And you know how I am about finishing! Hugs, alf.


hey girl - we're on the same wavelength...I just did a handbook from Lisa's site too...after I posted, I THEN read your comment and came here to see your fab deco!
I swear I didn't copy!! lol- your scanned hand is so beautiful - long lovely fingers. Mine is such a globby wrinkled mess...how fun to work with you via Lisa's prompts.
:^)) hugs and xxoo


Saw your comment on Lisa's site. Your book looks great!!!

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